A Clear Window

Book-1Decades ago, in a moment of prayer and self evaluation, God touched my heart with the understanding that through my faith, I was simply a vehicle for him. God led me to recognize that I needed to tear down any walls, or distractions, that would hinder someone’s ability to see him, through me.

In a sense, become “A Clear Window” to God.

As I prayed, I came to understand that dressing up a window with stained glass or ornate designs, was as obstructive as covering it in soot and mud. Both would prevent the light of God from shining through.

Every since that day, my prayers start with the simple request:

“God, please Make Me A Clear Window to You.”

With this in mind, this blog is intended to be simply that, A Clear Window to God.

The Three…

This blog started as a form of therapy for me with three basic components.

WRITING: A landing page to capture my beliefs and understanding for my family, friends and loved ones.

ART: A place to share my art; mostly, photographic-fusion. Merging multiple photographs, art and text to convey thought, emotion and perception.

MUSIC: My beloved music… All my life, God has blessed me with wonderful Music, albeit sometimes obscure.

Sharing all three of my creative passions, in a single environment, brings me such Joy. If it brings you a fraction of that Joy. Mission Accomplished!