I Love Music!

Those that know me well, and not so well, know my Love of music.

Well, ALL (good) music!

While God blesses us with so much beauty.  Sunsets and Sunrises, full of more color than any artist can capture. The soft irresistible beauty of a kittens face, the delightful aroma of a puppy’s breath. That first time your baby smiles, the memory of your mothers comforting cuddle. ALL, blessings created by God for us to celebrate and be thankful for.

While none of us can recreate this beauty with more Grandeur and Impact than our God, He has given us the ability to create Music. For me, a good song, done well, rivals the beauty and magnificence of almost anything in God’s universe. Leading me to know music as the “Prayer of the Heart”.

Uniquely, the best music seems to be a group effort. There is nothing better than listening to music that is a challenge for the players. Where soloists excel, and everyone involved is in key and in time.

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