One Step Away…

Step In It

Or, “Steppin’ In It?”

How many times do we misstep? For me, it’s often. Usually, “Stepping In It”! We’ve all done it. You’re deep in the decision process. Literally arguing with yourself over what to do. All the while, deep, down inside, you know the answer.

Why the argument?

Oft times you will find me debating in my mind what is the right path. Albeit stuck in a muddy quagmire of my thought processes. Right there, in the middle of my muddy myopic debate. That’s where you usually see me “stepping in it”! Focusing on the debate in my head, not the task at hand, it’s easy to misstep.

All the mental gymnastics and fretting, just to do the right thing. Never mind that the right thing always seems to be at odds with my wants and desires. Doing the right thing can be so much work. Besides, the right path can also lead to a difficult conversation with someone. Who wants that? Those conversations are always filled with drama and are so draining. Most times, arguing with myself is all about getting my way. Even though the right answer is clear.

Christians have come to know the voice lighting the right path, as that still quiet voice of God. We argue anyway.

What do you do with this dilemma? How would you advise a friend struggling with a tough choice? Pray? Follow your heart? Go with your gut? Look at the facts? Go with how you feel? Seek counsel? Most of the advice that comes my way is usually from someone else’s perspective. “What I would do…,” “Here’s how I handled it…”, or the inevitable, “Most people would…” Really? They’re not me. They just don’t know, nor understand. Then, someone pulls out that tattered cliché… “The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.” They further advise, “just take that first step.”

Invigorated, you feel success is just “One Step Away”! Then, reality sets in… Almost pleading with yourself you ask, “What is the First Step?”. Here we go again. The “Myopic Debate” continues…

Truth be known; and you already know this. Success IS “One Step Away.” Most times you’re too deep in the muck to see it. Sure, this is where you think “I get it. I just need to step closer to God.” Well, you’re right. You do. He will always step closer to you when you do. However, isn’t God already in the middle of the debate raging in your head? After all, who is it that keeps telling you the “right thing” to do?

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you…” -James 4:8

Always work to get closer to God. While you do, learn to “step away” from yourself. Truly, success is just one “Step Away”, by taking yourself out of the debate and focusing on God’s plan for you. The decision is literally a “No Brainer”. Isn’t that another definition of Faith in God? A No Brainer?

My life has been peppered with these decisions. What should be done? What IS the Right thing? It always brings memories of a friend from New York, Tom, who would often say, “Mark, there are two things we can do in life. The Right thing and the Wrong thing. No one wants to do the wrong thing, Right?” You’ll need to add a thick New York accent to fully appreciate my memory of Tom’s profound guidance. After all, who wants to do the wrong thing? None of us. Right?

For me, it comes down to Trust. Is that voice in my head trustworthy? Have MY planning and fretting been trustworthy in the past? In my experience, letting go and trusting God. Things always work out. Maybe not in a way that was considered by me. Still, things ALWAYS work out. So much so that God has taught me that the best plan is to forgo the debate in my head and just give it to Him.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight. Do not be wise in your own eyes; Fear the LORD and turn away from evil.” -Proverbs 3:5-7

Next time you find yourself in a mental quandary over the right thing to do. Focus on God and take that one “Step Away” from yourself.

He will light and guide your path in ALL things.

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