A Clear Window…

Someone asked me the other day why my Blog is called A Clear Window. Here’s the story behind the name…

sky-universe-LGLP-A Clearwindow

“You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden…” Matthew 5:14

Human senses are amazing. God blesses us with so many ways to comprehend our world. We smell the roses, we taste victory and we hear the call of the wild.

Not to mention the wonders of vision our eyes reveal every second they’re open. Think of all the beautiful sunsets, landscapes and visual delights that the miracle of sight has blessed us with. Our senses not only expose the good in the World; they can also uncover the bad.

Wonderfully, our senses often combine to make our understanding more amazing. We smell the spring rain while watching an orange and red Sunset, listening to water droplets splash the ground. A complete, and perfectly pleasant memory. Joining together, our senses also broadcast hazards or chaos.

We smell smoke and feel heat before a fire, see a speeding car and hear screeching tires before a crash; we feel a ferocious wind and see ominous clouds before a storm.

There’s No 2nd Chance…

As humans; we all learn from, and depend on our senses, every day, in everything we do. It is with that in mind, that we need to be aware of the messages that we send to the world through the senses.

The multi-billion-dollar mouthwash industry is just one example of how seriously we view someone’s “sense” of us. When we first meet someone, our senses conduct an exhaustive investigation. How do they look; what are they wearing, are they fashionable? How’s their breath and body odor? Do they speak clearly; do they know what they’re saying? All, in the blink of Eye. That’s how we get…

Our First Impression!

The First Impression; while not always accurate, is near impossible to eradicate from our memory. Oft times, after years of friendship, those initial thoughts and memories persist. Albeit we usually get to know someone better over time. It’s just part of being a person. Understanding the importance of that “first impression”, humans will go to great lengths to ensure that people see what they want them to see. Not always who they really are.

Christians can fall into the same “first impression” traps. We work meticulously to present the person that we feel a Christian should be. Not necessarily who we are. We look and smell good, we quote scripture, we don’t swear, and people see us go to Church on Sunday.

In my over forty years in the corporate world my colleagues would not see me go out of my way to not preach or proselytize my Christian principles (a story for another day). While still practicing my beliefs; no drinking with the boys, no swearing, always working to help as many people as possible.

Over time, people would comment on my staunch religious beliefs. It was amazing. My co-workers actually “sensed” my faith in Jesus without a word being said.

It was during this time, while in prayer some thirty years ago; God touched my heart with the understanding that through my faith, my body was simply a vehicle for Him. God led me to tear down any walls, or distractions. Anything that would hinder someone’s ability to see Him, through me. In a sense, become “A Clear Window” to God.

In prayer, God led me to the understanding that we need to shine God’s light through the window of our soul. A window that isn’t blocked with obstructions. If our window is covered with the muck and mud that our life throws at it, His light is hidden. So too, if our window is covered in the ornate trappings of a so-called spiritual life; like thick, brightly colored stained glass, God’s light is obstructed as well. Jesus plus nothing, equals everything. It is that “Clear Window” that empowers us to do our part, and let God do the rest. It is that Clear Window to God that leaves a formidable “First Impression”. Not only of me, but of what it means to be a Christian.

Since that day, my prayers start with; “Thank You God for Making Me a Clear Window to you”. While still a “work in progress”, and still having a way to go, it is wonderful to see the impression God leaves when the window is clear, and people can see Him, and only Him through my Clear Window.


“For God, who said, ‘Light shall shine out of darkness,’ is the One who has shone in our hearts to give the Light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ.” 2 Corinthians 4:6

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