The Quest for Wisdom and Understanding…


When we boil away everything that people do in their lives to attain the desires of our hearts. Don’t we all simply seek wisdom? Seek to understand?

Starting with that first time we see a brightly colored toy… Why are we drawn to it, what is it? We seek it out, we touch it. We even taste it trying to figure out just what it is. So, the journey for knowledge begins. As humans, it never stops. Until, on that last day, we finally close our eyes. Even then. Aren’t we probably paying close attention to what happens next? Is there a bright light? Are any of our family there after we pass? Do I see my life pass before me as I go? All, for the sake of understanding.

If you’re like me, we apply our knowledge and understanding to provide comfort and perspective for our life. “I know the reason I got fired.” I coulda, shoulda done that. My degree means that Im fully capable to do this job.” I can do this, I saw the YouTube video. If I cram all week, Ill be ready for the test.

Is it any wonder then, as humans, we apply “our” knowledge and understanding to everything in our life? Especially the things we don’t understand. When we think of situations, good and bad. We view them exclusively from our perspective. “I would have done that differently.” Heres how I handled that. Why did they do that? It would have been simpler, my way. You cant let people do that to you, here’s what I’d do.”

Don’t we also apply this thinking to the world? “That leader is crazy!” Oft times, not working to understand their complete situation, or their comprehension. Instead, we apply our knowledge, to their decisions, and deem them Crazy. Albeit, a lot of decisions are crazy. Like with most of us, the decision probably makes perfect sense to the person making it.

As a Christian, my life has been blessed with God’s wisdom and understanding. However, it seems the more turned over to Him, the less is needed to know and to understand. After all, He is the God of the Universe. His will be done.

Humans use their knowledge to “Manify” everything to help them understand. Have you ever said something like “My computer doesn’t like me”, My phone is in a bad mood, or “this thing has a mind of its own”? Really? Doesn’t our understanding tell us that inanimate objects don’t think or feel? Still, we apply human traits to them. Don’t get me started about how much we do this with animals. Especially with our pets that are “just like one of the family”.

“Manifying” complex issues help us to cope, to “wrap our heads around the problem”. A lot of us enjoy watching the latest space adventures on TV or at the movies. Men and women traveling the universe in search of life. Have you ever noticed that the life we find, looks and acts a lot like us? The best explanation of the “Manification” of adventures in space I’ve heard, came from the creator of Star Trek, Gene Rodenberry. He said he merely wanted to create a Cowboy Western in Space; with Ray Guns instead of six shooters. Simply said, he was taking something very complex and making a clear analogy to a human experience. With that, things like Warp Speed and Food Replicators became more fathomable.

We “Manify” Machines every day. Why? Don’t the robots we see in movies and commercials look and act like Humans? They don’t need to. Go spend some time in a modern manufacturing facility. You’ll see thousands of robots. All shapes and sizes. Not a human form among them. Still, to grasp the concept, we “Manify” them. Usually including eyes, a nose and a mouth that they don’t need nor use.

So too, we “Manify” Christianity. Working to understand God’s teachings, but from our perspective and understanding. We relate to Christian concepts by applying human notions. Not that this is bad. God does this throughout the bible. Much like the first time a child asks their parent where babies come from. God, like most fathers, could explain the entire process, in detail. However, what good would it do; given the comprehension of the child? Isn’t that how, as parents, we end up with stories about Storks, Tooth Fairies and Santa Claus? God loves us, he knows what we can and cannot handle.

The challenge is not when God “Manifies” something. It’s when we, as humans do. “Manification” shows up in how we limit the power and the will of God. We apply our perceptions to His power and abilities.

“That’ll never work.” I dont understand how I could be healed of this? Sure, I pray about it. But money doesn’t grow on trees.” We can’t wrap our heads around a Miracle… so we “Manify” something that is pure God. As Humans, all things are NOT possible. With God, All things ARE possible.

“And unto man he said, Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding.” Job 28:28

Letting go and letting God is not about God. He’s got this. Letting go is all about letting go of our Human perceptions and limitations…

Once we find God, seeking wisdom and understanding becomes seeking only Him.

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