The Key

The Key-5

“Let Go of the Rope!”

Aren’t we all looking for that Key? The Key that unlocks the mysteries of life. That opens the door to an unrestricted existence? One, simple understanding that lifts the burden of obligation? Ah, to never have to balance a checkbook again. Finding that perfect marriage, to that perfect person. Complete acceptance in any social situation. Never again wondering, how I am going to do this or that, or, what do “They” think.

Getting the key is oft times a monumental step, albeit daunting. Dad giving you the key to the family car. The key to that first house. Your boss handing over your first key to a private office, or getting the key to your first business. Or, when you give your car key to your sixteen-year-old. Daunting indeed.

As Christians, we often believe we’ve got it all figured out. Still, we need to balance checkbooks. Relationships can be difficult, and we continue to fall victim to peer pressure. How can that be? Understanding that we are a continual work in progress, life can still be tough. It seems we apply all we learn in Church, yet life continues to punch us in the face.

Not that I have it all figured out. I don’t. God has been working on me for years, bringing me closer to him; farther away from all the stuff of the World. Looking back, I’ve noticed a simple understanding that has filled my life, eliminating a host of hardships.

Do you remember playing “Tug-O-War” as kids? Maybe you still play. It’s been a while for me, but I always loved it. A team effort that looked to be winnable only through brute strength. As our team got better, we realized it was more of a “head” game. All about strategy that took the best advantage of the available strength. Our strategies always included “Psyching” out our opponents before the match. Mainly so that they would start the game doubting their abilities. However, my favorite move was the “fake out”. That glorious move when all at once, our team would give slack in the rope to the other team. Instantly, they would think they “had” us. Usually, the other team would let up at the first sign of a slack in the rope. With a shout, our team would jerk back with everything we had. “Hooking” them like a fish on the line. We won more matches with that move.

You might be wondering what does this have to do with “The Key”? Think of it as an analogy of our walk with God. We start thinking that our “Brute Strength” will get us through everything in life. Then we give our lives to Christ. Do we? Whether we are pulling on the rope; asking God for what we believe we need. Or, those times when we give into God, praying, “Your Will Not Mine”. All the time, ready to yank back on the rope when We believe it’s needed. Isn’t “The Key” to let go of the rope? Truly give it ALL to God.

Through out my life, when I would let go of the rope and let God have it. He has never let me down. When we weren’t sure where the next dollar was coming from. Where we would live? How we would eat? Giving it all to God, He always had our back, without fail. Sure, we weren’t dripping in money, gold and diamonds, but He always provided.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”Matthew 6:33

There was the time I dropped out of High School. Thinking my life was never going to be what I dreamed, scared and frustrated I gave it all to God. Had I not dropped out, I’m not sure that I would have met my bride Kayleen. Certainly, ordered steps into a wonderful, blessed life, with God lighting our path. More recently, when I gave up alcohol and pain pills. On my knees, with the fear of losing everything, I gave it all to God. He not only carried me through. From that day, all desire and thought of using were gone. Wiped out entirely. That is the God factor for me. When you give it completely to Him, it goes away. Completely. So many times, when I have planned things out on my own, holding on to the rope… While things might improve, they were still there. Tempting and taunting me me, pulling back on the rope.

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful. – Hebrews 10:23

The Key? Let Go and Let God!

“All Things are Possible” by Dan Peek

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