Just like the ecstatic, proverbial, “Kid in a Candy Store”, aren’t our lives simply one choice after another?

We’ve all been there… Amid everything we have, or do in life, what are the right choices? Deep inside, we know, the right and wrong choices. A good friend always said, “There’s Two things you can do in this life, the Right thing and the Wrong thing. No one wants to do the Wrong thing. Right?”

Still, we oft make the wrong choice. Even when we know, we’ll regret certain decisions. Like the kid in the Candy Store, we eat our hearts content, only to spend the night in bed with a severe stomach ache. What were we thinking!

How is it that we know before we make a choice that it’s not a good step? Where does that quiet whisper come from? Some would say it’s intuition. Others will mention their “Gut Feeling”, a “Conscience” or “Third Sense”. Through all my bad, and good decisions, I’ve come to know the almost inaudible prodding, as the still, loving voice of God.

Most of my time on Saturday mornings growing up were spent watching Cartoons. Not the slick toy advertisements that propagate kid’s TV today, but the classics, like Looney Tunes and Popeye. While parents today would be appalled with the physical violence and seemingly cultural in-sensitivities, most of those early cartoons carried some robust moral teachings. Regularly, when faced with the Right/Wrong dilemma, a devil and an angel would appear on the characters shoulders whispering into alternate ears. Isn’t that kind of how it seems? When facing a tough choice, you are pulled in two directions that somehow you know to be Right and Wrong. Why do we choose the wrong thing so regularly?

In my experience it seems that most of my bad decisions come from “overthinking”. Instead of turning to God in prayer, I dwell on the decision, weighing ALL the potential outcomes. Like I really know what’s going to happen. If that were the case, the choice would be simple. Right?

Choice is a Gift from God. The core of who we are, is the totality of the choices that we have made in life. God has a plan for your life. Your steps were ordered since before you were born.

With that in mind, it seems to follow that the Still, Quiet Voice of God is pulling us toward those divine steps. Experience has taught me that following a path I know to be wrong, will not end well. Like the kid in the Candy Store reeling with pain.

Throughout my life, when my stubbornness prevails, and I work to force one wrong, albeit well thought out, decision after another. Inevitably, the pain of those bad decisions and the tough lessons learned, point me to the right path.

What was I thinking?
This Is the Way, Walk In It!

“And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left.” -Isaiah 30:21

“God-Trying-to-Get-Your-Attention” by Keb’ Mo’ -Enjoy!

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