Here I Am, Make Me

Does the idea of Time Travel make your head hurt? We’ve all seen the movies, or read the books about people that go back in time and meet themselves when they were kids. Or, when a couple falls in love and the man travels forward in time, not aging at all, and meets his girl when she’s in her 80’s.

The concept is literally mind boggling.

The linear path of time is infused in the human psyche. It seems we spend our lives working toward that next goal. Some are monumental like “I’ll start doing that once I turn Thirty.” Others are mundane like “I’ll get up off the couch when this show is over.”

We think of the past in linear concepts as well. “If I only would’a, then I could’a.”

For God, time is only a measuring stick without constrain. He was there at the beginning, and he is there at the end. He knew you before you were born, and he knows every step, thought and need of your life.

“But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.” -2 Peter 3:8

One day, decades ago, I was watching an Army of Ants as they traversed some sandy soil in the back yard at the house where I grew up. Someone had thrown a sandwich into the yard. The orderly battalions of Ants were steadily dissecting the sandwich and moving it to their Ant Hill about ten feet away. While watching, I remember thinking what a long journey for those Ants. What would have taken me a couple steps from one point to another; probably was a day’s work for the Ants.

That’s when it dawned on me. This must be like how God see’s our life. I could see the busy “dissectors” at the sandwich, I could see the caravan moving the sandwich pieces, and, I could see the sandwich disappearing into the inner sanctum of the Ant Colony. Imagine, what if I picked up a piece of the sandwich from the beginning of the caravan, and placed it at the mouth of the Ant Colony? What would the Ants think? Truly, a Miracle in their eyes?

In my early twenties, God touched my heart with the understanding that he could and would Make Me who I needed to be, in fulfilling HIS purpose for my life. All I needed to do, was to have Faith and Believe in Him.

A few years later, I was praying and begging God for his forgiveness with something that I had done in the past. I remember thinking how that stupid act would be with me always. It was then that God touched my heart; explaining that time was irrelevant to him, and reminding me, that he would “Make Me” who I needed to be, fulfilling HIS purpose for my life.

There I was, considering that new understanding of “Make Me”; when, that day in my back yard with the Ants popped into my thoughts. Wow, God could “Make Me” forgiven before I committed that Sin. Confirming that thought, I remembered reading about the difference between Forgetting and Forgiveness. Forgetting is simply, not remembering. However, the memory is still there and can be called up at will. On the other hand, Forgiveness is forgetting without any memory or recollection.

Think about that. When God says he will “Forgive” our sins. By definition… they never existed!

Every day my prayers start with “Thank You God for Making Me…” What a blessing to know that I have been re-born, before I was Born!

Here’s a wonderful song called “Here I Am” from my friend and Pastor, Rowdy Van Horn. Every time I hear it, I think about those Ants.

Here I Am by Rowdy Van Horn Enjoy! make me

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