Fill ‘Er Up!

Have you ever been in place where it seems that no matter what happens, you can’t hold on to any joy or happiness? Trust me when I say. “Been Dar’ Dun’ Dat”!”


For those that know my story, they have heard how there was a time in my life where I felt like my soul was attached to a Huge Vacuum Cleaner. Every bit of happiness or joy that I found was quickly “sucked” up, like a yesterday’s dirt.

One day, circumstances took me to the end of my spiritual rope. I felt like I was in a Long, Soundless, Dark Tunnel. Then, an almost indistinguishable voice seemed to be whispering in my ear asking… “What Are You Doing Here?” Well, I didn’t have an answer except to say I’m sorry, please forgive me.

Understanding that I had walked into that tunnel ALL by myself.

Then, as if to say, “Come with Me, I got this.” That still quiet voice, that I knew to be God, wrapped around me and guided me out of the Tunnel; and set me on a new path where God would always light my way.

Well, from that moment forward. That vacuum turned into a Huge Fire-Hose, filling my soul with God’s Promise and it’s never stopped flowing and filling my soul.

Every time I hear the song “The Ocean” by my Pastor, Rowdy Van Horn, I relive that wonder full moment again. The song is from Rowdy’s seemingly forgotten CD, that I Highly Recommend called Rowdy Live. From the first time I heard the song it quickly became one of my favorites. I love the poignant lyrics including:

I Need You Lord,
You Are All I Know,
My Heart is Overflowed,
Please Don’t Let Go,
I Need to Feel Your Mercy Flow,
For You’ve Become the Water, in the Ocean of My Soul

I Just Want to Say, Thank You for the Change,
You Opened up My Heart,
And Poured Down Your Rain,
I need You, And Called Out Your Name,
And Since that Day, I’ve Never Been the Same

The Ocean, by Rowdy Van Horn          -Enjoy!

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