There Is No Growth Without Friction

Throughout my life, when I thought I was going through the most horrible times of my life, I survived. Hallelujah! In retrospect, my trials and hard times were always making me better and stronger. Most everything that I cherish in life came out of turmoil. So much so, that when things start getting tough, I know that God is showing me favor and I’m growing and gaining strength. And, I start looking forward to God’s blessings that are sure to come. Like all things, friction will make you Stronger. Much like Steel. The more times in the Fire, the Stronger the Steel.

In this week’s message, “Nothing Is Wasted”, our Pastor, Rowdy Van Horn, blessed all of us at One Church Scottsdale, teaching that God won’t allow anything to happen in your life if it won’t work for your good. All week long, I haven’t been able to get this great song, “It All Comes Together”, by Burton Cummings (lead singer for the Guess Who).

I know you’ve been downhearted,
you’ve been hurtin’ on the inside,
Lookin’ like,
That sun wasn’t shinin’ no more,
Pick yourself up, smile some,
and try to see the bright side,
It All comes together as you grow!

“A wise man will hear and increase in learning, And a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel,” Proverbs 1:5

It All Comes Together, by Burton Cummings     Enjoy! Grow

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