Sing A Happy Song!

At the end of the 60’s, Music was beginning to go very, very Dark. Our Government was fighting a war that most didn’t understand, sending home so many Mother’s Sons in Body Bag after Body Bag.

The Protests against the War, as well as the exponential growth of the Drug Culture, was driving our generation to give-up on any kind of a future that they could look forward to.

Like most Art, the music reflected the culture of the time. Songs like “Eve of Destruction”, “Ball of Confusion” and “War” permeated the airwaves.

Fortunately, I found a bright light in all the Gloom, a band from the East Coast called “The Rascals”. Starting out as the Young Rascals, this band weathered the British Invasion and had transformed their Pop music to a unique R&B-Gospel sound, complete with strong harmonies, a rockin’ horn section and of course a Hammond B3!

“Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.” -Psalm 9:51

If you’re lookin’ for a “Pick-Me-Up”, Check Out these Wonder Full songs from one of the Best Bands of our Generation…

The Rascals    -Enjoy!


A Beautiful Morning

Lucky Day

Happy Song

Ray of Hope


Island of Love

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