When Science Meets God

If you Believe in Science, how can you believe in God?

Or, if you Believe in God, how can you believe in Science?

Those questions have created a schism for humankind since the beginning of time.

Approaching the big question of Why, from a purely analytical perspective, will usually lead to the questioning of an omnipotent, sovereign God.

On the other hand. Questioning Why, from a spiritual vantage point, will always lead to the undeniable existence of an omnipotent, sovereign God.


Understanding that humans consist of analytical and emotional, or spiritual, components leaves them to ponder these questions with others, and with themselves. For me, as I was growing up, I was literally split down the middle. At least that is what a Psychologist told god scienceme after I took one of his “Personality” Profile tests. He said, “Your profile shows that you are 50% Analytical and 50% Emotional. This is uncommon, and I can see where there might be some conflicts going forward.” That was probably the biggest Understatement about me ever. Not only did I have conflicts. I had all-out war inside my head. Do I follow my head? But my Heart says this! Lots of stories for another day.

Being analytical, it was very simple for me to grasp some things that a lot of my friends couldn’t see. This probably explains why I ran around with a bunch of Nerds, before the name was defined. We loved Star Trek and Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone, etc.. Still, my “nerd” friends couldn’t understand my love for rock & roll and all things Beatle. They considered it an immense waste of time. After all there were Science projects to complete and Science fairs to win!

By the time that I made it to the Eighth Grade, my Psyche was shifting to the more emotional and spiritual things in life. Music had taken a firm grip on me as my #1 escape and I was beginning to get quite a reputation as an Artist. Surprisingly, I shared that honor with another Analytical Creative. They make awesome artists.

Please forgive the trip into my youth, and my head. These stories are intended only to say, “I Get It!” As I came to understand my path with God, that I know is the true and undeniable Sovereign of the Universe; my analytical side would say… “What About This? Or That?” Around that time in my life, I came to be very interested in Dr. Albert Einstein and his view of the Universe.

Einstein was so unique. Even among his scientific peers. While they would al-1debate the attributes of Quantum Physics, he would say something like… “I don’t think God would make something so complex. It must be a simpler design.” After decades of working to understand the inner and outer Universe, he would often comment about seeing God’s hand in both.

When questioned about these comments he would reply, “I want to know how God created this world. I am not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element. I want to know his thoughts. The rest are details.” Or, when someone would question the existence of God he would simply say, “to deny God’s existence in the pursuit of science, would be ‘lame’.”

So here we are, starting off the 21st century with more technology than ever. And, what seems to be less God than ever. But is that really the case?

Rev 4-11One of the things that I learned from Einstein is that God is extremely eloquent in his Design of the Universe. And, from over four decades working in various fields of technology. I have also learned that the Best technology always seems to “Mimic” Human anatomy and God’s Universal design. Think about the similarities between the human brain and the computer. Robots and hydraulics also come to mind as does so many things that man has created.

“Can you prove, by any method of intellect, why a sunset is beautiful?” – Dr. Peter Marshall

As Humans, it’s good to know that we are creatures of innovation and exploration. It is also good to know that the More we Understand, the Closer we see God’s simple but perfect design. Simply said… it all comes down to Unquestioned Faith in things unseen.


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